Ubiquitous: Paintings by Kendra Hitchcock

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Paintings by Kendra Hitchcock
Tue, Mar 21, 6:30pm

Ubiq-uit-ous \yü-?bi-kw?-t?s\ adjective: existing or being everywhere at the same time; constantly encountered

I am inspired by the dark atmospheres of Baroque artists' works, such as Caravaggio and his following of Caravaggisti. These painters dramatically mixed contrast, iconography, and symbolism with lovely realism. My intention for this series of works is to lend focus through lighting and memento mori subject matter. I encourage the viewer not only to contemplate the transient nature of our mortality, but also to reflect on our own, smaller, personal endings and beginnings within that lifespan. We experience love, loss, encouragement, and discouragement. New people enter our lives daily, while others exit. These experiences are unique and personal to each one of us, shaping who we are and what we become.

I was raised near Seattle, Washington. The diversity of the area strongly influenced my early years—I was inspired and interested in culture, history, nature, and art. The grey Seattle skyline, the brilliant greens of the trees, the earthy browns of the forest, and the murky blues of the coast are colors I am frequently drawn to for my own color palette. These colors have a special, almost melancholy drama to them that remain quietly tied to my early memories.

I studied Art at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah and have always enjoyed learning, researching, and narrowing in on concepts and pinpointing the center of their importance to me. I enjoy exploring new ways I can represent a concept to others, visually, and have always identified as an artist, simply because I enjoy creating.

Location: Sprague Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8640