Eight Fold: Paintings By Janiece Murray

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Eight Fold
Paintings By Janiece Murray
Thu, Feb 2, 7pm

I was introduced to the art of compass and straight edge construction in college; it was amazing to discover all the different shapes, patterns, and designs that I could create with two simple tools. My delight and discovery continued and I eventually found the beautiful world of Islamic geometric designs and a whole new type of designs and patterns that could be created with my compass. I have been studying and drawing these beautiful and complex designs ever since. I have been told that within a pattern there is room for endless variety. There is some logic in that, and yet it also seemed that a pattern is what one uses to make things the same. I decided to put this to the test and see how many different geometric designs I could make from the same base pattern, inspired and based in Islamic designs. I’ve since created 100 designs using a compass and straight edge, and the possibilities are far from being exhausted.

Location: Anderson-Foothill

Contact Information: 801-594-8611