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Explore science with a series of hands-on experiences. Kids and families can learn about and investigate new concepts each month by working with different materials.

Oct 21 · What is a Scientist?
Explore what it means to engage in the process of science and to realize that we operate as scientists every day by noticing things, asking questions, gathering information, testing, and problem solving. Each activity, whether observing bugs or testing paper bridge designs, reflects a scientific practice designed to help you see yourselves as scientists and to embrace the idea that science is everywhere!

Nov 18 · The Force is With You
Have you ever wondered how magnets actually work? The magnets on your refrigerator, in a can opener, and on a button on a purse may seem like magic, but actually work through science! Magnets have invisible forces that allow objects to pull together or push apart. Explore the magic of magnetic forces with common household objects, showing how simple and fun science can be.

Dec 16 ·  Do You See What I See?
If part of your morning routine includes seeing your reflection in the bathroom mirror, you have light to thank for that! Light bounces off of smooth, shiny surfaces in predictable ways. In this workshop, you'll use mirrors to bounce light all over the room and to see around corners.

Jan 20 · Can You Hear Me Now?
Sounds are all around us. You’ve heard them, you’ve probably felt them, and maybe you’ve even seen evidence of them! In this workshop, you'll learn about sound by listening to and exploring sound and vibration.

Feb 17 · Air is Everywhere
Air is everywhere, but how do we know that it exists if we cannot see it? Air is most noticeable when we feel it in the form of wind. We can also see air when it fills up space inside a bubble or balloon. Experiment with air to see how something that is invisible can have visible effects, and show the power of moving air by making and manipulating wind.

Mar 17 ·  A Balancing Act
We balance all the time, without even realizing it. We balance when we stand, walk, and run! In this workshop, you'll learn more about the science of balance by manipulating the placement of weight in objects as well as in your own body.

Apr 21 · Splish Splash
Water is all around us and is a necessary part of life. It's a unique substance that forms in droplets, flows in a stream, and fits the shape of whatever container it is in. In this workshop, you'll explore the properties of water and test how water moves and interacts with different materials. You'll also make predictions and put your ideas about water to the test!

May 19 · Design It, Build It
We are constantly encountering structures, from skyscrapers to log cabins, beehives to ferris wheels. How are they made? What allows them to stay standing, even in the face of severe weather? In this workshop, you'll explore the basics of building. You'll learn about the importance of everything from foundations to shape strength, and work together as a team to build your own stable structures. Afterwards, you'll probably start to notice some of the characteristics you learned about in the natural and man-made structures around you in your house, neighborhood, and in the city at large.

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