Policies & Budget

credit card transactions (cir7)

Adopted by the Library Board of Directors 08.09

CIR7.1: Policy Statement

Revision pending approval by the Library Board of Directors

For the convenience of its patrons The Salt Lake City Public Library provides the option of paying library bills and fines online. Payments are encrypted to protect financial information. Credit card data is not retained by the library.

CIR5.2: General Guidelines

5.2.1 Credit cards may be used to pay for most library fees. These include payments for fines, lost or damaged materials, ILL fees, and other circulation transactions. Credit cards may be used to make donations to the Library.

5.2.2 The City Library accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards. The Library is subject to compliance with all laws, statutes, and reasonable terms and conditions associated with accepting these credit cards. The Library does not charge a fee for credit card use.

5.2.3 The minimum amount accepted for credit card payments is $3.00.

5.2.4 Credit card payments will not be accepted by telephone, mail or e-mail.

CIR5.3: Refunds and Adjustments

Refunds for lost materials paid by credit card will be issued through the Library’s Business Office. Refunds are issued by check only and are mailed to the patron. Refunds for lost materials are given following the guidelines established in CIR7.2.2.